Eclipse Set

1000×500 1000×500-2

Product Description

Eclipse Set without alternative on the market is the latest work of Isbir Bedding’s “technology pioneer” mission. Eclipse Set does not only bring the design and the technology together but also brings the joys of both watching TV and listening to music to your bedrooms.

Upholstery Color: Bed Base: Merkiz 006

It is produced in a single piece bed base shape at range from a single size of 120 cm x 200 cm to double sizes of 150 cm x 200 cm, 160 cm x 200 cm, 180 cm x 200 cm and 200 cm x 200 cm. It is suitable for all mattresses of the specified sizes.

When the design of Eclipse set is viewed from different angles, it is reminiscent of Lunar Eclipse. The Eclipse Set consolidates the night and sleeping concept with the concept of Lunar Eclipse, and builds the sleeping environment in your bedroom in the logic of a capsule that will wrap you up even more. The set, which has a special integrated lighting and music system, also has the necessary infrastructure for the TV to be installed.