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İşbir Bedding Cares About Men and Women.

New duvet models from İşbir Bedding designed for men will also be the favorite of women! İşbir Bedding opened the season for chic and quality duvet groups letting both men and women choose freely. With its progressive vision, İşbir Bedding not only opens the door for men, women and children but also keeps contributing to the mattress world with its distinctive and colorful designs. From İşbir Bedding, new innovations are coming. These are: Trend Line, Style Line, Jacquard Line and Midnight Line Collections. They are for all of us when spring knocks at the door…

Design for men!

Trend Line and Style Line Collections from İşbir Bedding soon will be in stocks. They aim to bump out women’s authority about bedrooms to emphasize the global liberty in this case.

These models will surely spin women’s head!

Plain, chic and graceful duvet sets from İşbir Bedding help customers meet with different designs all year around. With its 4 models, Fashion Line was manufactured from 72 wires and 100 % cotton fabric. Single units have two different models in these sets. Style Line with its 4 models has 80 wires inside and made of cotton/satin textile printing fabric. Jacquard Line also has 4 models and made of jacquard cotton and satin. With 80 wires inside, duvets have two color and jacquard alternatives. Midnight Line Collection has two products. First one is 30 % silk and 70 % Tencel and contains 120 wires inside. With natural airflow quality, it is anti-sweat features keep the body warmth level at normal. Tencel that contain 70 % of the product is very light and made of natural charcoal fibers.

Jacquard Viscos, the second product is a first in Turkey. Containing 80 wires inside, viscos made from luminescent silk. There are three stages before the product fully completed. First, viscos design on the cotton/satin background is being printed. Then reactive printing process is applied on them. With its anti-sweat quality, this product also has an anti-pilling nature.

A few important points…

All products in the İşbir Bedding duvet sets have been manufactured by reactive dye printing process that is fade resistant, anti-stain and non-shrinkable. All products can be washed in 40 degrees centigrade. All sets except Midnight Line, flip sides can also be used. 6 piece set contains one sheet, one duvet, 2 regular pillow and 2 Oxford pillow. Sheet size differs from market standards: “245 cm x 270 cm”