Established in 1968, İşbir Holding and its relative companies keeps manufacturing in its production facilities that spreads around 350.000 square meters

İşbir Bedding Human Resource Policy

The human resources department runs the contemporary “Human Resources” practices in order to provide an optimum evaluation of quality human resources in accordance with our company’s targets and strategies.

Believing that institutional success is only possible with an experienced and motivated personnel, our company aims to raise the bar by investing in its working employees and their satisfaction. In an increasingly developing sector, it also aims to strengthen further its position as “the top priority” by the quality elite.

The aim of the human resources department is as follows: to generate processes that support team work, creativity, and productivity; to provide educational support aiming to develop individual and professional perfection; and to continuously increase the quality as a part of these processes.

Selection and Placement:

‘Right person for the right job’ is the motto of İşbir Bedding when recruiting. Every application made to the İşbir Bedding Inc. is being evaluated in ultimate secrecy in line with quality, perfection, and the skills of the candidate.

Performance and Career Management:

The aim of the performance system in İşbir Bedding is to provide healthy feedback by doing healthy assessments of employee performances and to emphasize team performance as much as individual performance. Employees can get assigned to various positions in tandem with their education, experience, and career targets.

Education Policy:

The main purpose of educational activities is to generate a company culture caring for productivity and quality assurance. Educational activities are also geared to raise awareness in the topics of environment, health, and job safety.