viscoairlife2 blue

Product Description

Next Generation Granular Gel Visco

The Next Generation Granular Gel Visco Mattresses are manufactured from recycled open cell viscoelastic materials. Viscoelastic gel foam was obtained by combining viscoelastic gel particles during manufacture. It creates a blissed cool feeling and reduces sweat rate with high ventilation features and unique thermal properties. It’s a perfect solution for hot summer days.

*** ViscoAir Blue is perfect for the people weigh up to 85 kg. We recommend another viscostar matresses for the people weight above 85 kg

*** Due to the non-slip fabric at the bottom, only the top of the cover can bewashed.

* HR So Touch Foam: Extra durable and extra so foam

Mattress Height
20 cm (±1 cm).


Tencel® is a natural cellulosic ber derived from the essence of the eucalyptus tree. Tencel® gives the sleep environment a cool and refreshingfeeling.


• Tencel Knitted Fabric
• Next Generation Granular Gel Visco Layer * *HR So Touch Foam Layer
• Pocket Spring Technology
• Special CNC Cut Foam Layer
• Anti-Slip Fabric
• 3D Spacer Fabric Side
• Cotton Stretch Fabric
• Mattress Height 20 cm (±1 cm)
• Single Side
• Washable Ticking