Care Ped

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Product Description

Ultra Air Permeable Mattress Pad

Care Ped is a mattress pad to provide a comfortable sleep for you thanks to durability, balancing body weight and extra air circulation via its unique technology.

Care Ped manufactured from recycled materials is a mattress pad made with 3D Loop technology that is designed so as to facilitate care in both social care settings (nursing homes, hospitals) and in the patient care process at home as well as to minimize the occurrence of wounds. Along with the Care Ped, your body will be able to get air and be easily cleaned in adverse conditions such as wetting, dirtiness, and will help minimize or improve the appearance of wounds that are likely to occur after long periods of bedtime.

The production will be done with 90×190 cm as one measure. Pad height is 5 cm.

The production will be done with 90×190 cm as one measure.


  • Easy wash
  • Quick drying
  • Durable
  • Hygienic
  • Washable via soap and water
  • Air permeability is high. Thus temperature and humidity control is more effective than foam. This increases sleep comfort.
  • It distributes body weight in a balanced manner.
  • The surface of pad quickly gets the body shape of the user and quickly returns to its original form when you get up over it.
  • Eco-friendly