Coco Dream

1000×500 1000×500-2

Product Description

Coconut Husk Fiber Organic Mattress

Coco Dream, a special collection from Isbir Bedding, invites you to explore the exotic essences of coconut husk for an unparalleled sleep comfort. Feel the nature while you sleep on a layer of coconut husks, camelhair filling and cotton fabric, and wake up refreshed to nature’s purest, elements with Coco Dream mattresses. Natural camel hair filling gives a feeling of softness, ensuring peaceful sleep. The organic cotton linen is ideal fabric for both you and your baby’s wellbeing.

Mattress Height
26 cm (±1 cm).

  • Cotton Knitted Fabric
  • Camel Hair Padding
  • Continuous Foam
  • Continuous Foam
  • Non woven
  • Coco Plate
  • Hr Foam Plate
  • Foam Plate

*HR:High Resilience