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Product Description

Ultra Ergonomic Pocket Spring Mattress

Far Infrared Rays help us feel energetic and healthy when they penetrate our bodies. Bio-Energy Technology regulates blood low and optimizes body heat. A well-organized bloodstream reduces fatigue and cellulite as well as coldness in hands and feet. Bio-Energy technology enhances durability, muscle power and athletic performance. Bio-Energy Technology supports the healing process while you are sleeping. The mattresses in which this technology is used renew and repair our body and load it with life energy. Considering that we sleep every night between 6 and 8 hours, if we are exposed to these positive efects on a long and regular basis, Bio-Energy technology will have the most healing beneits over our health.

Biofunctional Weaving Technology

This technology is a high-tech bio-ceramic coating that transforms body heat into far infrared rays and relects these rays back into the body. Infrared rays are energy waves, which can not be seen by the naked eye, have the abilities to penetrate the human body, to relieve the body and to stimulate it. The efectiveness of Bio-Energy technology has been examined by various experiments conducted by experts. In these experiments, the human face and hands were compared before and ater Bio-Energy Technology was applied, and the efectiveness of this technology has been proven. In case of the fact that the mattress covers sheet and mattress protector, Bio-Energy Far Infrared Rays have 5 cm-range and are also efective.

Mattress Height
24 cm (±1 cm).

  • Viscon Knitted Fabric
  • *HR Soft Touch Foam Layer
  • Pocket Spring Technology
  • Anti-Slip Fabric
  • 3D Spacer Fabric Side
  • Mattress Height 24 cm (±1 cm)
  • Single Side
  • Washable Ticking

*** Due to the non-slip fabric at the bottom, only the top of the cover can be washed.

*** The fabric of mattress made by bio-functional weaving technology

* HR Soft Touch Foam: Extra durable and extra soft foam