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Product Description

Super Ergonomic Pocket Spring Mattress

Designed for softness and improvement of posture. The cover is washable/dryable.Pocket springs 256 pcs/m2 inserted into individual pockets designed to flex independently of each other. No noise, nondeformable, resistant to sagging. Mattress absorbs body movement with its equal distribution of weight. Viscoelastic layer (2 cm in thickness) reduces spinal pains and provides perfect support for a good night’s sleep. Double-sided mattress.

Mattress Height
25 cm (±1 cm).

  • Viscose Knitted Fabric
  • Quallofil Allerban Silicon Fiber
  • Curly Fiber
  • Non woven
  • Viscoelastic Layer
  • Pu Foam Layer
  • White Felt
  • Pocket Spring System
  • Core Support Layer Foam