Gold Quilt

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Product Description

İşbir Bedding brings you the best comfort featuring the soft and fluffy texture of down feathers. With its high-performance thermal qualities, down retains temperature better than any other filling material and provides an excellent comfort sleep. Goose down also protects the body against fluctuating temperatures, adjusts the moisture level, and prepares the best environment for sleep. Its hygroscopic (moisture absorbent) feature makes sure the body breathes regularly and prevents perspiration.

• Made from natural goose down and can be machine-washed.
• 100% cotton fabric and down filling help prevent sweating.
• Filling contains 90% gooseneck feathers in a density of 250 gr and provides excellent softness.
• Goose down protects human body against sudden temperature changes and creates a cozy sleep environment.
• “Hygroscopic” feature helps your skin breathe easily.
• Double layered comforter always keeps its fluffiness.
• Double Size: 195×215 cm, Single Size: 155×215 cm.

100% cotton fabric and down filling help prevent sweating.

D195x215 cm, S 155x215 cm