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Product Description

CNC-Cut PU Lateksit Mattress

Along with special CNC cutting, it provides maximum support and air circulation for comfortable sleeping . It provides excellent backbone support thanks to the different support points that back up every aspect of the body. Through the agency of the Quallofil® Allerban® filler fiber used in the mattress ticking, it creates the ideal environment for a comfortable sleep during both summer and winter.

Mattress is single -side.

This mattress provides practical use for us thanks to individually washable mattress ticking.

Mattress Height
28 cm (±1 cm).

  • Viscon Knitted Fabric
  • Quallofil Allerban Silicon Fiber
  • Non woven
  • Stretch Fabric For Mattress Ticking
  • Foam Plate
  • Foam Plate
  • HR Foam Plate

*HR: High Resilience