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Product Description

Ultra Ergonomic Micro Pocket Spring Mattress

HyperSense mattress has been specially designed to combine perfect body support of pocket spring units and comfort of smart pillow top. Total of 650pcs/m2 provides independent support for different parts of body and reduces partner disturbance during sleep. Its special spring system offers ultimate comfort and uninterrupted sleep with more than 1500 independent springs in a double mattress.

An exceptionally cushioned smart pillow top provides ideal comfort and perfectly distribute the body-weight. HyperSense’s sleeping surface formed with Quallofil® Allerban® filling technology and soft, smooth knitted fabric. Quallofil® Allerban® filling technology is a licenced product, that only used by ISBIR Bedding, provides ideal sleep conditions with its special fiber structure. Get ready to experience heathy and unique comfort of HyperSense mattress.

Single Side Mattress.

Mattress Height: 29
(±1) cm

  • Viscose Knitted Fabric
  • Quallofil Allerban Silicon Fiber
  • Curly Fiber
  • Curly Fiber
  • Hyper Foam
  • Continuous Support Foam Layer
  • Non woven
  • Hr Foam Plate
  • Foam Plate
  • Hyper Sensitive Pocket Spring
  • Foam Plate
  • Core Support Layer Foam