Nature Massage

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Product Description

Soybean Fiber Fabric / Massage Viscoelastic Memory Foam Mattress

Built in programmable massage options for neck, back and hip, MEMORY FOAM MATTRESS made from soybean fiber. VISCOSTAR NATURE MASSAGE, sensitive to body heat and pressure, conform to your body unlike any other. With vibrating massage systems, lie down and take full advantage of soybean essences’ soothing capacity. You can adjust its timer and wake up to another relaxing massage treat in the morning. Made from, open-cell viscoelastic foam, VISCOSTAR NATURE is sensitive to body heat and weight. It provides the ideal sleep comfort by fully assuming to the body form. Built-in vibrating massager runs with eight motors, two for neck, back hip and leg regions each. Its remote controller offers a smooth massage from 8 different points. Delightful comfort of massage aims to a perfect restorative sleep and get your energy recharged.

You can enjoy a refreshing sleep while having a massage and wake up to another one with its remote controlled timer feature.

Mattress Height
24 cm (±1 cm).

  • Cotton Fabric With Soybean Husk Fiber
  • Quallofil® Allerban® Silicon Fiber
  • Climarelle Soft Strech Lining
  • Non woven
  • Stretch Fabric For Mattress Ticking
  • Viscoelastic Layer
  • HR Foam

*HR: High Resilience