Quallofil Air Allerban Pillow


Product Description

Enjoy the ultimate sleep comfort with quilts (350 gr/m2 Quallofil® Air Allerban®) and pillows (900 gr) all from İşbir Bedding’s high-tech creations.

Soft to the touch with its satin fabric, it ensures a cozy sleep support. Specially designed conductive carbon fiber textiles help clear the electrically charged stress in your body during sleep.

Pillow Size: 50×70 cm

Allerban® products are tested by independent labs (IFHT-France, ISEGA-Germany and EPA Environmental Pollution Agency, U.S.A.)

Lightness; Fiberfill used in this product contains lightweight fibers aiming to provide maximum comfort with minimum weight.

Regular Temperature; Hollow fibers inside the mattress improve air ventilation and reduce moisture to create a splendid microclimate during the night.

Extra Fluffy; Fiberfill material with condensed air particles is produced from hollow fibers to provide maximum temperature and volume.

Ultimate Comfort; Fiberfill used in pillows and comforters are inspected and handpicked in order to offer perfect, long-lasting comfort.

Machine Washable; This product can be machine-washed and dried.

Quality; Each Dacron® mattress with fiberfill has a licensed serial number that certifies the Dacron® quality standards

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50x70 cm