Quallofil Allerban Mattress Protector


Product Description

Bring your sleep comfort to the next level with Quallofil® Allerban® fiber filling.

It repels dirt and prevents stains.
Pillow protector is built to last and keeps its form for years to come. Specially designed conductive carbon fiber textiles help clear the electrically charged stress in your body during sleep
Stretches to fit mattress for standard sizes.

Lightness;Fiberfill used in this product contains lightweight fibers aiming to provide maximum comfort with minimum weight.

Regular Temperature;Hollow fibers inside the mattress improve air ventilation and reduce moisture to create a splendid microclimate during the night.

Extra Fluffy;Fiberfill material with condensed air particles is produced from hollow fibers to provide maximum temperature and volume.

Ultimate Comfort;Fiberfill used in pillows and comforters are inspected and handpicked in order to offer perfect, long-lasting comfort.

Machine Wash;This product can be machine-washed and dried.

Quality;Each Dacron® mattress with fiberfill has a licensed serial number that certifies the Dacron® quality standards.