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Did you know that during pregnancy women mostly complain about back and spinal aches, leg cramps and reflux? We do. That’s why we’ve been developing VISCOMED products. Here are some of products mothers can take advantage of during pregnancy.

Polirest – Homogeneous Filling Support Pillow-Is multifunctional and can be used for different parts of the body (head, neck, lower back, knees and ankles). It can also be used as a maternity support pillow for pregnant women, supporting moms-to-be lying on either side or back. Serves as an easy pillow for those who suffer from pressure and acute stiffness.

Body Support Pillow –Your back is much more comfortable now…Provides pressure relief support and modifies itself to the spine’s natural curves. It can also be used as a maternity support pillow in late pregnancy to gain optimal pressure relief for the lower back.Shortness of breath and snoring are history now!

ViscoKnee – Body Support Pillow-At home, in your office or car, comfortable in all places. Relieves the spine. Back support cushion keeps you in the right position. Helps cure back and spinal pains by supporting the spinal column’s natural curve.

Viscoelastic Baby Products