Style Series Sets

“The Style Series”


İşbir Bedding presents Zeus, Artemis, Hermes, Helena, Epsilon, Picasso, Leonardo and Dali style headboards and bed bases. The new innovations have been called Neruda, Matisse and Leda.

İşbir Bedding continues to make a difference by manufacturing specially designed headboards and bed bases with unique forms and exceptional functions. Be it a bed base that took its inspiration from Helena the most beautiful woman, or another one inspired by famous painters such as Leonardo or Dali, they will enhance the outlook of your bedroom.

With its latest designs, Matisse, Neruda and Leda, İşbir Bedding continue to revive outstanding stories. The Neruda Set has a unique form both in design and its function. Two-piece layered headboard is easy to shift and adjust. The other set takes its name from the well-known Chilean poet, Pablo Neruda and it is designed for watching TV or reading in bed.

The Matisse Set, inspired by Matisse, the pathfinder in modern art, is ideal for those with a modern touch. A more matured and ripened version of Matisse Set has been adapted to the Leda Set, taking its name after Helen of Troy’s mother.