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Air-Conditioning Mattress

Prioritizing health and comfort with its cutting-edge hi-tech products, İşbir Bedding guarantees a good night’s sleep and four-season comfort with the new product, “Mattress Air-Conditioner.”

Air-Conditioning Mattress Pad, one of İşbir Bedding’ recent inventions, can be used on every mattress all year around. Single and double features largely increase the comfort sleep. A separate heating system for both sides is placed in double-pads, allowing each individual to control their comfort level.

Technically speaking, slim water pipes have been installed inside the pad that produces the air-conditioner’s function. You would not even feel the motor in the mute mode while you’re asleep when it pumps water into the pipes. Its special remote-control gadget allows you to adjust the temperature ranging from 40 degrees or 5 degrees Celsius. It is more sanitary and economic than air-conditioned environments. İşbir Air-Conditioned Mattress allows you to increase the sleep comfort while you invest in your health and save more. Water cycles within the tubes and helps reduce electrification on the mattress. Last but not least, this product allows consumers considerable money savings. İşbir Bedding Air-conditioner energy consumption is almost under 80 watts. Instead of heating or cooling the whole house, you can save your money by heating or cooling your mattress.

With İşbir Bedding Air-conditioner– summers are cool and refreshing while winters are warm and comfortable…

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