Viscoelastic Memory Foam Mattresses

Not all visco is VISCOSTAR

Cutting edge technology in sleep comfort.

Viscoelastic material, the main component of VISCOSTAR, contains billions of microscopic memory cells.

WHAT is Viscoelastic material?

It is memory foam with an open-cell structure, giving a minimum reaction time through its molecule mobility. With its unique decompression qualities, first used by NASA astronauts in order to provide them with relief from the intense G-Force they experienced during space travel.


Incorporating cutting-edge space technology into their design, VISCOSTAR mattresses have a decompressing quality due to the viscoelastic materials used on the surface of the mattress.

The memory cells move in response to body heat and weight, taking on a new ergonomic shape that fits your body. They are called MEMORY FOAM MATTRESSES because of their mnemonic decompression quality. By molding to your body, the mattress alleviates pressure and paves the way for healthier blood circulation. Reduces unwanted movements in bed and increases the quality of sleep.

Recommended by health experts for its therapeutic ability to relieve pressure and alleviate extreme fatigue and soreness. VISCOSTAR is the ideal mattress for health-conscious people due to its pressure relief and perfect body alignment qualities. It helps to reduce back, shoulder and neck pains.