Medical Support Systems

It’s not magic,

İşbir Bedding makes a difference!

İşbir Bedding keep meeting cutting-edge technology healthy products for its consumers. Each mattress offers an extra solution with Multirest for those who have trouble with their legs. RefluMed is a cure-all for Reflux problems and ViscoSnore medical support pillow is for all those who have declared war against a snoring problem. It does not end here. You can find the right pillow that will reduce your current complaints and increase your life quality at İşbir Bedding

Solutions are many in the İşbir Bedding World… There are various other products with different fields and uses aside from RefluMed, ViscoSnore and Multirest options.

Why prefer Viscomed products?

Healthy Products – İşbir Bedding medical support systems do not use chlorofluorocarbon components in its products. All of our foam products are tested and approved in accordance with Oeko-Tex, class 1, ensuring chemical safety for children and babies. They do not contain carcinogenic substances (Oeko-Tex Certificate Number:06.MO.46136).

Hygiene Technology – Mattresses, pillows, and other medical fabrics are protected by Healthguard™ technology. Fibers used as a filling material in our products have anti-dust mite and antibacterial properties.

Visco Technology – Viscoelastic foam, manufactured by İşbir Foam Industries, Co., at the İzmir and Ankara plants, is not an ordinary support material. Its open-cell structure conforms to the body shape in response to body temperature and weight. Durable, long-lasting foam lets air pass through its permeable texture and evenly distributes body weight. Our long lasting, durable foam benefits from cutting-edge technology.

Medical Product – Our products meet E.U. quality standards (E.U. Council Directive of 9342EEC) and are classified under medical device status.

Warranty – Viscomed viscoelastic medical support systems have 2-year warranty.

Head, Neck and Body Support

Back, Hip and Leg Support