Established in 1968, İşbir Holding and its relative companies keeps manufacturing in its production facilities that spreads around 350.000 square meters.

All the cutting edge technologies for sleep comfort are in an İşbir Mattress…

İşbir Bedding’s hi-tech mattresses, defining brand and product positioning as “adapting the developing technology of the world into the sector,” is the first choice of those who care for health and sleep comfort. Unlike other competitors, İşbir uses unique open-cell visco-technology. İşbir Bedding has become the leader of mattress fashion in every aspect in its respective market with its “polymer spring technology,” “designed by Turkish engineers solely for İşbir Inc., “Quallofil Allerban,” used in every mattress, special “Nano-technology” mattress fabrics, horse-hair fabrics, coconut husk filled mattresses, and no-moisture mattresses for sports fans.


Introducing space technology into bedding and sleep comfort

Our Viscoelastic bedding materials were first developed by NASA in order to relieve astronauts from the intense G-Forces they experienced during space travel. Our bedding materials have a unique open cell structure which responds to a body’s weight and temperature.These materials are also known as memory foam mattresses since they contain memory cells that minimize the effects of surface pressure on the body during sleep.


Having an air-permeable feature, MEMORY FOAM MATTRESSES were designed in 3 density levels. (75-85-100 and above Kg/m3, Tg=-10, -50, rebound time 10 seconds in 20˚C.)


The fiberfills that only used by İşbir Bedding in Turkey

Quallofil® Allerban® fiberfill have been used in all products ofİşbir Bedding, the sole license holder in Turkey. Specially designed for İşbir, Quallofil® Allerban® fiber for your mattress and Quallofil® Air Allerban® for your pillow provide a superb loft and softness for cozy sleep. Special air hole fiber technology creates ideal sleep conditions during summer and winter. The high-end fiberfill structure delivers the air circulation crucial for the human body.

*Tested by independent labs, TEC laboratories (France), NAMSA (U.S.A.), Centexbel (Belgium) and ITH (France).


A First in Turkey: Polymer Spring Technology (Patented Product)


Memory foam mattresses, the only registered trademark spring technology in Turkey, produced from viscoelastic material, caused a radical breakthrough in the bedding sector and led to fast progress through a wide-ranging use of polymer springs.

Memory mattresses provide an extra sense of sleep comfort by adjusting to different body types with less noise and greater resistance compared to metal mattress springs. Produced solely by İŞBİR in Turkey, memory mattresses have an improved quality that prevents deformation. Furthermore, they prevent MFDS (Magnetic Field Deficiency Syndrome), which may derive from being close to metals.

*Magnetic Field Deficiency Syndrome – A state of interference generated by disruption of the natural magnetic energy vital to the human body. The main symptoms are insomnia, fatigue, chronic pains, shoulder and neck pains, and dizziness.


Introducing stress-free technology for your bedding


It is important to relieve your body and mind from the stress that accumulates in your body during the day. Specially designed conductive carbon fiber textiles help clear the electrically charged stress in your body during sleep. Along with anti-stress carbon fibers, SeaCell textiles with seaweed elements give your skin an ideal smoothness and freshness. SeaCell & Wellness Anti-Stress textiles contain active extracts of seaweed.

The seaweed factor not only refreshes the skin and wards off stress, but also  it generates a pleasant effect by creating a sense of well being and a wonderfully clean feeling.


Long-lasting scent of lavender in your bed with Nano technology.


Lavender Garden is a mattress containing lavender microcapsules. It delivers a constant stream of fresh, long-lasting lavender fragrance upon contact and friction, ensuring a stress-free and comfortable sleep.

* Advanced Micro Encapsulation System: Covering of microscopic fragrance pockets by a special polymeric periphery protects from exterior agents. Textiles processed by this system tend to have a long-lasting fragrance effect.